My name is Sean Duffy. I started this website as a means to separate my interests a little bit, keeping all things relating to my hobby of games development in one central place. I also develop Unity3D assets in my spare time, so this site also houses those. You can check out my portfolio of Unity3D assets on my products page here, or you can take a look at my offerings on the official Unity3D Asset Store here.

I am an IT professional, with a passion for programming. My day job originally involved IT consultancy in the virtualization and cloud space, however I transitioned over to a role where I am now a developer (.NET/C#) with build engineer responsibilities, but with a focus on creating software for this industry.

In my spare time I like to create with Unity3D. I have been working on my own game (Space Pillage) where I handle asset creation and the programming aspects. Other than that, I have also developed and released three other games using the cocos2d-iphone engine on iOS. Cosmosis – a 2D space shooter (shmup), Hazard Island, and Zombie Contacts.

I plan to jot down thoughts, snippets of code, and other items relating to my hobby of programming and games design on this blog.

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