Jumper – a simple platform jumping game made with Unity 3D

After a period of little activity (moving house + renovations), I have finally got back to game development in my spare time. I decided to take a look at Unity, and Jumper is the result of my “first go” using this framework. This is my “August” entry for One Game a Month (1GAM)!

You can play the game directly from my other site (hosted WordPress doesn’t allow Unity Player to be embedded) here:

Play Jumper Now!



Jumper is a basic platform jumping concept, where you try to reach the highest possible height without falling down. Platforms are destroyed with some great volumetric explosion effects as you bounce through them. There are also booster power ups to collect, and highscores are logged to a simple online MySQL database I created for keeping track of these.

You can view the top 7 or 8 highscores from the main menu, or use a query in your web browser such as //www.shogan.co.uk/JumperScores/get_scores.php?count=100 to get more.

Needless to say, I won’t be meeting my goal of 12 games for the year in the whole One Game a Month challenge I have been aiming at. It is just too difficult for me to work my full time job, and handle house renovations (of which there are many at the moment) & still fit the rest of life in around that. But, I will still be pushing out games whenever I can. I am getting better at the whole coding and graphics side of things so they are happening quicker than what I used to be able to manage!

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