Announcing the Deep Space Skybox Asset Pack for Unity 3D

I have been working with Unity more and more in my spare time lately, and found that with my love of space and all things sci-fi, my direction has naturally moved to working on a small space sim prototype.

With that, came the idea of creating my own custom skyboxes. I figured out the process of generating cube maps and the order/way of flipping textures to create the perfect skybox and proceeded to create 3 x unique space themed skyboxes.

I have finished all three, and published them to the Unity Asset Store. The pack of three is available for anyone to purchase now for just $5. You can also buy the skyboxes individually for just $2 each. Here are some screenshots which feature sections of each skybox.




You can purchase direct, or find out more information about my Skyboxes using the navigation menu at the top of this site, or by clicking here. Alternatively, buy direct from the Unity Asset Store via my Asset store page

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