Creating a basic 2D runner game with Unity – GGJ14 solo session

Being quite busy at work meant that I didn’t really have any time to prepare a team or attend the Global Game Jam (14) this year, so I decided to “unofficially” participate from home. I used Unity3D (Unity2D to be precise) as my engine of choice, and created a very basic runner game. Being a solo effort, this of course meant I did the coding and artwork myself.

The tools involved were the following:

  • Unity and C# scripting
  • Photoshop
  • Wacom Bamboo
  • For the main character (a knight), I downloaded this asset from

This video is a time lapse of the 8-10 hours I spent on the project. I didn’t manage to finish, so there is still more to do, but I have the following basics done:

  • Runner with basic jump/double jump controls. Character speeds up the longer time goes on for, making it more and more difficult
  • Box obstacles that drop and get in the way
  • End game is when you fall off the edge of the screen
  • Bullet time like effect every now and then – game slowly turns to slow motion, and fades to black – as the darkness hits, the landscape turns to a post-apocalyptic scene – idea being that more dangerous obstacles come down in this mode. After this, the time slowly speeds up again, and the landscape turns back to normal.
  • Managed to create some custom artwork – two different backdrops for the scrolling parallax background, some debris, etc… The knight character was found for free on

If anyone is interested in source or how I achieved a certain effect, please just drop a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Creating a basic 2D runner game with Unity – GGJ14 solo session”

  1. Hey, I’m new in Unity and have been watching what you are doing.. It looks very good. Could you please make some tutorials of using unity’s 2d.. and make optimization for mobile with touch controls and etc..

    • Hi Daler,

      What sort of content would you be interested in? There are quite a few sites out there that offer Unity based tutorials – even the 2D stuff now. I could potentially write some tutorial blog posts and publish them, but need to have some pre-determined topics to write about – so anything you can suggest, I’ll look into seeing if I can do.



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