Unity 2D space shooter – progress and gameplay showcase – update 5

I managed to get a fair amount of work done on my 2D space shmup project this weekend (apart from DIY around the house and other bits and pieces that have been waiting to get done for ages!) So this blog post is update number five on my progress so far.

Firing the arc laser whilst taking incoming plasma fire from these pod-like swarming enemies


For anyone who has not seen the previous updates, I am working on a 2D space shooter /shmup/bullet hell game I’ve been developing with the help of the Unity2D engine. The original game I created is called “Cosmosis” and is out for iOS on the app store. However, that is an aging project I created a few years ago using cocos2d-iphone, and this is a brand new project, built from the ground up with better code, better graphics, and many more features and gameplay attributes πŸ™‚



I wanted to also point out that I have been making as much of this game as editable and customisable to the user as possible! Everything that appears in a level, from the enemies, to their spawn patterns, the starfields and other space junk that fly around, plus all of their properties are editable to the user via XML! This means you can essentially create your own enemies/levels, and customise the way they look. My ultimate goal is going to be to include a level editor too. At the moment I am having issues with XML on mobile devices. i.e. Android and iOS. I’ll have to think of a way around this, as currently the only way I’ve been able to get the XML into the game to play on these devices is via the Internet – i.e. downloading it at runtime. Anyway, enough of that, and lets take a look at the new stuff:

Here are some of the new features that you may notice in the gameplay video I have:

  • Shield and shield hit effects + shield level that can recharge after taking a break from being hit
  • Missile defense node array that jump around shooting down incoming missiles
  • New enemies and animations on some – for example the pod-like enemies near the beginning of the video that swarm out, open a series of compartments up, and fire red plasma at the player
  • New enemy spawn patterns
  • Arc laser weapon
  • Swing arm mounted rocket weapon
  • Energy system to power missile defense nodes
  • Basic menu and some new GUI graphics
  • Built in console to issue commands in-game (the console is thanks toΒ //github.com/mikelovesrobots/unity3d-console)
Fighting a mini-boss who is armed with homing missiles and a plasma cannon.


I hope this update is looking better than before! There is still lots more to do, and many more ideas I still have to implement into the core game. After that, it’ll be setting up various levels and an actual “game” to play. If you have any comments, feedback, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to drop them in a comment πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Unity 2D space shooter – progress and gameplay showcase – update 5”

  1. Since i newly started to use unity, i am trying myself to make a game πŸ™‚ I was going to ask where did you get the background from or if you made it, how exactly πŸ˜› looks pretty cool

    • Hi!

      I made the background using Photoshop and by painting a lot of different layers using various brushes. The trick is to use low opacity brushes and to layer it up slowly. It is quite time consuming though. I studied graphic design for a number of years a while back, so my art background definitely helped.



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