Space Pillage dev update – lots of backlog progress on the game

I’ve been quiet for the last few months – looking after a pregnant wife, preparing for a baby, and lots of work (my normal day job) has kept me very busy, and meant I have not been able to update this blog as often as I wanted to.

Now, with my son born I’ve had a little bit of time this last week to fix a few bugs in the code and capture the last few months worth of updates and changes to Space Pillage in this video! Here are some of the new features and improvements (listed after the video)…



Here is a list of the items I’ve added, improved, or fixed (the ones I could garner from my list of git commits over the last few months that is!)

  • Massive UI overhaul (especially main menu system)
  • Weapon and ship module hardpoint system linked to skill/stat system
  • Audio improvements and a dynamic music system (music changes with game events)
  • Easy level event system added – you can see an example with the asteroid field event in the video – all defined in simple to use XML now 🙂
  • Tooltips on UI elements that are important
  • Added parallax relative to player movement for layers
  • Added boss with modular laser / gripper combination
  • Add improved hit effects for enemy bullets when they hit player hull or shields
  • Modified player damage particle effects for fire and smoke to take into account scalable player health (based on player stats)
  • Created Tractor Beam module for ship and only allow tractor beam usage when it is equipped.
  • Many more fixes and improvements…

Also to note on the sound and music side of things, I’ve found a couple of excellent composers. Music and SFX contributions so far are from David Levy (// and Ashton Morris (// Ashton originally created some music for my iOS game Cosmosis which never made it into further updates on the Apple store, so I’ve brought that to Space Pillage. David has some excellent free music and SFX resources that I’ve been prototyping with, and is able to compose original sound tracks too, so I’ve been looking at that route for music too.

Hope you enjoy the update!

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