How to make or rebuild FlurryAnalytics.dll using Mac OS X for use with MonoTouch

It’s been a while since my last post, mainly due to a lot of work going into moving house at the moment, but I thought I would do a quick blog post while I had a few minutes spare this morning.

I have been using MonoTouch to develop a mobile application for work and wanted to integrate Flurry Analytics with the app. Traditionally I have always used it along with my games/apps created with cocos2d and Objective C. My issue was that the Flurry MonoTouch bindings seem a little out of date, so I wanted to figure out how to build my own, up to date version. Here is the process.

  • Using Mac OS X 10.7.4 I found that I did not have the “make” application, so the process to install this, is to launch Xcode, go to Preferences, then “Downloads”. Look for the “Command Line Tools” item, and click “Install”


  • Download the latest Flurry SDK version from your Flurry Application page and extract the .ZIP file
  • Download the current MonoTouch bindings project from github and extract the .ZIP file. Find the FlurryAnalytics folder and then find the “binding” sub folder.
  • Look for the “libFlurry.a” file in your Flurry SDK download and copy that into your “binding” folder found in the MonoTouch Bindings project folder under “FlurryAnalytics”.
  • Launch a Terminal console and navigate to your “binding” folder – e.g. cd /Downloads/monotouch-bindings/FlurryAnalytics/binding
  • execute make by simply typing “make” and pressing enter.
  • You’ll get output like this:

/Developer/MonoTouch/usr/bin/btouch FlurryAnalytics.cs AssemblyInfo.cs –out=FlurryAnalytics.dll –link-with=libFlurry.a,libFlurry.a -x=extras.cs

  • If you look in this directory you should now see your shiny new dll file –¬†FlurryAnalytics.dll

That is all there is to it. Hope this post comes in handy for anyone looking to do something similar!

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